Newborn Photographer || Norman, OK

 I love that i've had the opportunity to work on some personal projects... 
i have been able to get some footage of me shooting 2 newborns, and i hope to soon cut it to make some short video segments!! 

Here are a few gems from our time together... stay tuned in the next month or two for some cute newborn video goodness.

Introducing the beautiful Esme. LOVE her name. My darling Crystal styled a number of the sets... go check out her facebook page and give her some love. She's a sweetheart, and wonderful photographer.

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The.Marcellus.Family said...

I don't remember how I came across your stuff but I did, and I ADORE your work immensely!
I decided to start photography awhile ago and I am so grateful I came across your blog. Your little tips, and seeing how you pose people has really helped me feel more comfortable. It's indeed something that will take me a long time to master, and by looking at your stuff, I think I am finally okay with that.
Thanks so much for the inspiration. You have a beautiful gift:) Thanks for sharing it.

Donna Marcellus