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It was a beautiful fall afternoon, crunching down the pathway. I admired Lainey-- I am not brave enough to wear a jacket and big scarf like this to a photo shoot. I love the warm color of her hair, and how their hair even matches! 

(Growing up I thought all mommies and daddies had to match-- just part of the package deal. ;)

I love how gently Clint smiles at Lainey, so tender. I love how down to earth Lainey is-- willing to do whatever I'd like, and speaking her mind.  

She had a neat idea on her phone, a moody dusk shot. I love that I took some of those elements, but made it my own-- glowing romantic shot, with their hair illuminated from the setting sun. Yum. And look at the way his lips brush her forehead. 

Hugs + love, Amber

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