Counting blessings.... let's do something.

There are so many wonderful things going on in my life. So many things to be grateful for. 

My dear husband got his first job.
He got it in Oklahoma.
I get to continue doing photography, with all my clients and friends.

I have a beautiful 8 month old, full of smiles and laughter.
And almost 4 year old who loves the attention with big brother gone at school.
My 6 year old is growing taller by the minute. 
My husband is ever so patient and loving.

But sometimes life feels hard. So very hard. 
But i hope i can focus on all the good that God has blessed  me with. And not get discouraged. 

Look around today. Pay attention to someone feeling down, and DO SOMETHING. 
Smile, compliment, help... whatever. 

And i hope i can feel that love and kindness, as we all strive to lift, love and live. 

Happy wednesday everyone.

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