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Have you ever had your car break down while almost 100 people are waiting on you? 

Oh, and it's your wedding day. 

Despite the hiccups, this wedding day was a wonderful one, never to be forgotten. Friends and family gathered to see this couple be sealed for time and eternity in the Oklahoma City Temple, the headed back into Norman for the reception festivities. When they arrived, it was smiles and laughter and fun for the rest of the night.

I loved shooting Lainey and Clint's engagement session, and loved seeing her dressed in white. Despite car trouble, the ring ceremony and food were delicious, and my favorite parts were on the dance floor! Tender moments between Clint and his mom, while his bride looking on, and the bride with her grandfather. 

One of the most selfless, courageous women I know is Lainey's grandmother, in the teal below. I love how much she adores her husband, with a gentle grin I caught without her knowing. ;)

So many came who knew Lainey as a child, watching her grow into womanhood. And when most of the guests had headed out, what did the wedding couple do? Hit the dance floor again, of course. 

I just HAPPENED to be twinners with this pretty lady, the hair stylist of the bride and friend of mine. No coordination beforehand whatsoever! 

Engagement Photography Norman, OK | | Fife Photography

It was a beautiful fall afternoon, crunching down the pathway. I admired Lainey-- I am not brave enough to wear a jacket and big scarf like this to a photo shoot. I love the warm color of her hair, and how their hair even matches! 

(Growing up I thought all mommies and daddies had to match-- just part of the package deal. ;)

I love how gently Clint smiles at Lainey, so tender. I love how down to earth Lainey is-- willing to do whatever I'd like, and speaking her mind.  

She had a neat idea on her phone, a moody dusk shot. I love that I took some of those elements, but made it my own-- glowing romantic shot, with their hair illuminated from the setting sun. Yum. And look at the way his lips brush her forehead. 

Hugs + love, Amber