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Months ago when this little man's parents found out they were pregnant, I knew I wanted to shoot him, and we started our plans. Dad is the MOST dedicated/in-the-know Apple fan i have yet to meet. He always knows the latest and greatest and uses the best tools as a web developer/designer. He had the brilliant idea to incorporate some apple products, and his wide-eyed newborn played with us. 

It was so adorable to see his momma's phone buzz every few minutes with daddy asking for updates. One time her response was "Im nursing...." hahaha. Knowing dad wanted to be there so badly, i suggested we facetime, and it was so fun! THEN i thought about putting dad IN the pictures in face time. And baby "waved" back at him! Adorable. 

Dad helped choose sets/props, and we got some scottish heritage images, cute fun ones, namesake (japanese clothing) images, musical -- mom's an amazing singer and musician, and of course xbox controllers-- a family of gamers. 

He did so wonderfully, got some fun awake shots showing his personality, as well as sleepy cuddly shots. Welcome to the world little man!!

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madrilenamer said...

Wow, you outdid yourself! These pics are phenomenal!