Bourm Family :: Oklahoma Family Photographer

One of the nicest people I know is this cute momma. She watched my boys for me for so many photo shoots, and is the best example of motherhood that i've ever found. You may recognize a few faces from a preview i posted from their last session a year and a half ago... I love her patience and kindness and creativity, and thoughtfulness, and talent.... she does so many wonderful things with everything she touches. 

I especially love the adorable lunches she packs for her kids-- something you'd find on pinterest! Cute cut fruits and veggies, such variety. And she certainly knows how to make sweets!!

I could go on and on. Sadly, they are moving soon! Her husband has a residency program starting in Kansas. We had to squeeze in one last photo session before they leave. I will be sad to miss such a good friend!

I hope to snag the twins for a special feature shoot.... aren't they adorable?

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