Maternity in Norman, OK :: Christina

Can you believe this momma's 38 weeks pregnant??? 

I am grateful for this pretty lady. Our friendship began years ago when she was originally planning her wedding, and hired us to be her wedding photographer. Alas, those plans were delayed, but in the meantime she chose me to photograph her little princess and took photography classes from us! She's a quick learner and i enjoyed getting to know her better. 

Then came the day she became one of my brides-- she looked absolutely stunning, in the quiet light of a landscaped backyard, her small and intimate wedding was just perfect. She has a big heart, and cares for people in so many ways. I have enjoyed not only being able to talk shop with her, but her kindness and generosity have touched me time and time again. Thank you for assisting on shoots and weddings, and bringing me lunch, and handmade headbands, playdates at the park, and much more. 

I'm thrilled with anticipation to photograph your last princess' arrival... my first birth!

She really is supermom, driving her kids all over the place, with a busy working hubby and her own photography business... and giving birth to their 5th child in less than 9 days!