Happy Valentine's Day!! {{Newborn Photography in Norman, OK}}

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope it was a sweet treat for you, despite your "significant other" status. :) Chocolate just makes the world better.

Well, hopefully your Valentine's Day wasn't as eventful as this little new family's! This adorable little man arrived in this world just an hour after his momma got to the hospital. Turns out she WAS in labor when they sent her home the first time!!

They arrived with all smiles looking completely rested (he had slept 6 hours in a row the night before???), and momma looked like she'd never been pregnant. Not jealous at all folks. Nope. I think I'm gonna go eat some more chocolate to forget about this tummy im trying to get rid of. Good idea, right?

Ah well. He did marvelously for his first photoshoot... Check out his pout and pucker in the first 2.... his little lips are just delicious!!!!

I think this is the funnest "themed" newborn portrait session i have done, and i'm thrilled that my ideas came out exACTly how i imagined them.

Congratulations Gina and Nate-- he is just adorable!!

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