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One of my friends from growing up in New York has started an incredibly beautiful and unique business.... with peacock feathers! I am continually stunned by Cindy's creativity and new fresh colors and combinations. Perfect to add a flair on your wedding day or night on the town, these little beauties are elegantly crafted. Being a newborn-obsessed photographer, I even found a way to incorporate into newborn props... the possibilities are endless. 

Cindy with Oh Lucy.
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Cindy, how long have you been in business? This September was my one year anniversary.
How would you describe your style? I personally have a very simple style--I like to wear solids and then layer them and have a splash of accent, like a good piece of jewelry. I take the same approach with my feather pieces. They're vintage-inspired, but not over the top--they're simple, clean, and not overpowering. Most of my pieces center around the peacock feather. Peacock feathers are naturally beautiful on their own, so I try to bring that out in every piece. My pieces are a mix of bridal-wear, but also pieces that you can wear anywhere to any event--the office or out on the town. 

What inspired you to start creating these products?
My family is very artistic and crafty. Honestly, I went to the mall one day and saw stores selling feather earrings and hair clips. They were horrible! Glue everywhere, the feathers were ratty, etc. And I thought, I think I can do better. So I bought some feathers and it all kind of spread from there.

Where do you get your new ideas?
 One of the best parts of the job is that I get to make custom pieces for my customers' particular events or to match their styles, so I'm constantly stretching my own personal style as a result and am very inspired by my customers' visions for their own pieces. I also just spend a lot of time playing around with feathers. I create different things and think about it for a while. I actually have a whole box of pieces I've made that I just didn't feel were up to snuff, but I don't have the heart to throw them away. I am surrounded by feathers so much that I even dream about them--new designs or things I want to try out!

What are your most popular products? I have a couple of pieces that people are obsessed with. I constantly am cutting purple peacock feathers just to keep up with the demand:

And people love these shoe clips:

And this hair clip:

Any Pinterest pins of your products you find people love most?

Please go check out her amazing creations. I've never seen anyone work so much magic with feathers!!

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Have a fabulous week, friends.

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