Student Critique: Interruption of Patterns

This week we have an image by Kristin, of a stadium near and dear to Norman-ites: University of Oklahoma! :) Great job. The assignment was interruption of patterns.

Kristin chose to make the image powerful by centering the top dark area in the center of the frame, with the bleachers seemingly pouring down towards the camera. With such symmetry, the eye is drawn to first the interruption of the dark lines with the repetition of the bright red seats and OU logos. Next, you start to see the absence of those logos-- the cement and empty bleachers. You see the dark spots as you work your way back up to the top dark area-- your eyes were lead around the whole image.

One suggestion, which would have taken probably 20-30 minutes, was wait for the sun to set just a bit more so the sun wasn't hitting the cement on the left. Being the brightest part in the whole image, that rectangle is a bit distracting. Another option would be to walk up 10 or so bleachers and then you would be farther up with essentially the same composition without having the sun-lit cement in the frame.

Great job, Kristin!

See all of you Photo Basics students tonight in class!

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