News from the Homefront

Have you missed me?? 

I can explain!! I have a great reason... one that's getting bigger every day. 
We're going to have a baby!!

Fife baby #3 is due just after Christmas. 
We are so grateful and excited, and i have my first appointment tomorrow afternoon to hear little one's heartbeat. I'm thrilled. We didn't have to wait quite as long this time.

I have been sooooo tired and nauseous for the past 8 weeks, I don't even want to stand up and get food, let alone edit and respond to emails!! I'm just past my first trimester, and so far, morning sickness hasn't decided to move on to greener pastures yet. 

But luckily, when i'm shooting or teaching, there's a respite. Maybe because my mind is occupied/distracted. That's been a big blessing-- have to pay these bills somehow!! And i can pump out an hour or two of productive activity here and there before i'm worn out. Instead of working during naptime, i'm often napping with my 2 year old for as long as he'll let me! 

But i think it's going to get better! 

PS Can anyone tell me how to take the highlighting OFF in blogger??? This is driving me insane!
So what does this mean?
I won't be shooting the wedding i was hoping for on december 22nd. :( 
I get to stay close to home for the holidays :) :)
I will have my own little adorable model for me to shoot after christmas :)
I maaaay be able to make baby's appearance before Jan 1 for tax deduction :)
I will be shooting more newborns & portraits than 7 hour weddings :)
My momma gets to come play with me!!! :) :)
I'll still be the luckiest wife and mom ever. :) :) :)

And because we all like eye candy... here's a sweet shot of a little one if you missed it on facebook. :)

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Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's fun to have a baby born right around Christmas. (My 2nd was born on Dec. 30th four and a half years ago.) I hope the morning sickness phase ends soon.