Senior Photography Norman, OK || Choosing Family First

**don't worry.... these are ramblings, but there is eye candy at the end!**

Sooo... according to my earlier revelation, i have just blogged when i can... i have over 30 sessions to blog about, and cool musings to explore. But i have made an important decision this week. 

To say NO. 

Not completely, of course. I couldn't live without taking photos. But i have chosen to put my FAMILY FIRST. Having been a photographer longer than my new family has existed, I've known no other way than to squeeze family time around my photo shoots and answering emails and all that goes into running a business. (That would be an enlightening blog post for you--ins and outs of a photo biz!)

But i made a choice Monday... a client wanted to come in sooner. Me, being as accommodating as i can to the whole world, was racking my brain to see how i could make that happen. But i realized that night was the ONLY night the entire week we'd be home as a family. I suggested an alternate earlier time the next day, and then enjoyed the evening of pizza an movies with my boys and hubby. 

I am a self-proclaimed workaholic, and it feels good to stop being in denial and try to do something about it. I know God wants me to be with my family and spend less time on the computer. It is a tool to help me support my family so we can live and enjoy the pleasures of life, not a slave to climb some perceived ladder of fame.

Though i will be spending almost every evening this week shooting/teaching... i am getting better at putting family first. 

Do you have any suggestions?? I would LOVE to hear them.

oh, and here's some eye candy from my most recent senior session. :)

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Lani said...

You're so talented, my friend. And I know you'll find the balance you need. My kids are so glad our book is done. They said, "Now you won't be on the computer all the time! Yay!" Ha ha.