Thankful Thursday

I have to say, i thought i was going to be sunk this week with stress and deadlines and anxiety. With so much to juggle, i didn't know how i was going to do it. But as I've put God first, and helping other people, it has been an incredible week. I start the day with Simple Abundance and scriptures, and writing in my journal. I've been able to be more focused when i'm working, so i've actually gotten more done in less time than i thought possible. 

Balance in life is something that continually eludes me. 
But every now and then the teeter totter slows enough for me to look around and realize that 
life is wonderful. 

I got the chance for a girls' trip down to Dallas with some awesome OKC ladies. I'll post more about that soon. But i'll just say for now that it was WONDERFUL.

The reason i'm blogging is something i heard said last night. Jasmine Star told us...

"If you're losing passion for something, RUN the other way."

I don't think i could ever lose passion for shooting. I adore it. It's my life-blood. It's christmas morning every time i download my card.

But blogging has always felt like a "have-to," just like laundry piling up.... it's never done! And then it's always hanging over me of something else i should be doing but i'm not. We all have too many of those already. But I love writing.

So here i am. I'm blogging. I am not running away from my mouse, but i'm running away from pretense. I'm running away from an unreal demand for perfection i impose upon myself.

I release myself.
To write as much, as little, as silly, or as random as comes out of the tips of my fingers.

No rhyme.
No reason.
Just pure me.

And it feels SOOooo good.

This and more awesomeness from our model ShootOut in Dallas. :)

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone! :) :) Hugs, amber


Brooke Snow said...

you do simple abundance and scriptures and journaling in the mornings too?!?!?!?!?! isn't it amazing!

I think you're wonderful and I'm always excited to see a new post from you! Would love to hear about the J Star workshop :) Wish she was coming to Utah :)

I think you're fabulous!

The Fifes said...

Brooke! :) Glad to know SOMEone's reading my incredibly inconsistent blog!! :) :) Ah, you're wonderful. Thank you for being you. Yes, i love Simple Abundance. All day today it's been about living in the moment, and i HAVE found serenity today. Hugs!

Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

You went to The Fix?!!! I'm going in a couple weeks when she comes to Denver. I'm soooo stoked!!! Hope you loved it.

Kelly Beane said...

Amber, I can 100% relate to how you feel about this. I too love to write, but blogging has felt like such a chore. Thanks for sharing this. It inspires me to let go and let GOD! We've got to hang out more sweet lady! Have a fabulous Friday!

Lani said...

You're amazing.

The Fifes said...

Tiffany... yes, it was theFix. and it was great. :) exactly what i hoped it'd be. :)

Kelly, i look forward to hanging out more too! :) :)

Love you, Lani.