Student Photo Critique

Hey! It's been a while since I've posted a student critique on the blog. We all are just busy learning and shooting. I must have a sweet tooth today, because these cupcakes look delicious!

First of all, Jana's exposure looks great. I can tell she knows how to get something sharp. But in this first photo, the bottom right cupcake which is MOST in focus is cut off, which makes my eye lead to the cupcake to the left. That cupcake not being in focus leads my eye back to the right cupcake, and my brain is confused where to look. BUT! She took aNOther image....

This is perfect! By pulling back just slightly, she's left breathing room around the cupcake, and it's still tack sharp. Then i'm able to notice it has chocolate on it, unlike all the others. My brain is very happy, and my taste buds just want a bite. That was a successful correction, Jana, and great image.

Thanks to all you students who posted this week! I'm excited to look at them with you!

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