Online Photo Basic Class in SESSION!!!

Whew! After months and months, it's finally paying off. I have started my first Online Photo Class today!!

Students will watch videos each week, with homework assignments, and post homework to get feedback, and able to ask questions. After having taught in person for years, this has been an entirely different experience. But I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, and enjoying my students. 

With going online, i'm able to reach people miles and miles away across the country, and it's awesome. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking the class, let me know. Once this pilot class is completed, and I've made any needed changes, this class will be open to the public! :) 

I can't believe all the balls I'm struggling to juggle, but it's nice to see some falling into their places. 
Yay for big steps! :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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Brooke Snow said...

wahoo for you! Congrats! I know the amount of work it takes to get there! I'm excited for you!