Katie + Jeff

I finally got to meet Katie and Jeff a few weeks ago for their engagement session... and i'm excited for their wedding in just a few weeks. Katie's parents and brother and brother's girlfriend came in for the booking and took care of everything. (And her brother and his new fiance are now going to be Fife Photography bride and groom as well!! Love it.)

If you've never been to Oklahoma, you are missing out. We have wind like no other. Well... i guess most of us mid-western states are pretty flat with crazy wind. But it seems to peek out to drive us photographers crazy. Luckily, for the most part we found places and times enough to get pictures without Katie's hair being all over the place.

I have to say, winner of the day goes to Katie's wonderful friend who drove over to a random falling down barn/shed for permission while we started in downtown Norman. Unfortunately, we never got permission, but the daredevils they are, we hopped a fence.

Much to my horror the fence between us and very large cattle didn't reach all the way across. And the bride was wearing RED!!! They were all amused by my anxieties. When i was shooting one with horns started staring me down behind me and started moving toward me. My assistant Ashley decided not to say anything because she knew I'd freak out. Luckily i was not skewered or even charged at, but boy was i glad to be on the other side of the fence when we were finished. Whew! I am such a wimp. I should have taken pictures to prove how gigantic and menacing those cattle were.

Glad i'm alive to have the photos, as well as be around for all my other awesome clients. Thanks for a great session, and thank you Ashley for assisting!

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