Fashion: Ruby

I met Ruby 6 days after i had my last baby, and she had a cute round tummy herself. Now more than a year and a half, our boys are old enough to roam our houses and make terrible disasters. Amazing how fast time flies.

The two of us have talked for a while about taking pictures, but now we have a quick deadline. Ruby is having an article published about her fashion... being chic but modest at the same time. Of course she needs photos!

Dustin and i got to shoot together, which doesn't happen too often with our kiddos!! Ruby, you are gorgeous. Thank you for being so incredibly easy to photograph!!


Kyle and Jessy Erickson said...

Picture 13 is my favorite! I really like your backgrounds. How did you find them?

Dustin said...

thanks jessy!! They're just the alleys on either side of main street. :)

Modest Fashion Sense said...

Thank you guys!! You guys made me feel so beautiful and like I was on a model shoot :) You are super talented and awesome!!