Rochester, NY Session: Sagen Family

I think my favorite thing is getting hired by friends to photograph their beautiful friends. I love photography, and love taking beautiful pictures of people, so getting to do it for people i already love is even better! Franchesca and i go waaaaay back to Girls' Camp years.... ;) ah, memories.

Though we had rain, this cute family braved the cold to go to a beautiful spot. If i could dig up around this and have it shipped to me in Oklahoma, i totally would. It's a small little preserve area not far from my childhood home in NY. Who knew there were such neat spots so close by? If i had only started photography a few years earlier, i might have discovered some amazing little locations!!

Well, as charming as the older kids were, the cold plus rain made littlest one not a happy camper. So we traveled over to their nearby home to finish. Warm in her own home, those smiles came out immediately. We all had a blast, and i loved having my mom as my assistant! She anticipates the needs of others and was always a step ahead of me.

And congratulations to this family... on your newest member! Baby Sagen, i hope i get to meet you someday!!

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