Internship Opportunity!

So here's the deal: our former intern Katie is having a baby :). Unfortunately, that means that we are without an intern :( But that also means we have an opening :). So: we're writing this to call for applications! Here's the info:


3 possible internship opportunities are available: (1) a business intern, (2) a teaching intern, and (3) a web intern. Duties for each position are as follows:

1. Business Intern. This person will be primarily responsible for preparing the photos for client viewing after a shoot. This includes selecting the top photos, applying artistic effects to all photos, uploading to our online server, burning CDs, photoshopping images, etc. Optional duties include second shooting, participating in business meetings, and telling Amber and Dustin how awesome their photoshoot was.

2. Teaching Intern. This person will be responsible for assisting and/or teaching classes, answering questions, giving feedback to students, and critiquing during photo practice.

3. Web Intern. This person will work with Dustin in fixing errors on the website as well as implementing new web features.


If your heart rate exceeds zero beats per minute then you are a potential applicant. (Wasn't that so much less cliche than saying, 'anyone with a pulse'?). In other words, no photographic expertise is required, only availability. Certain qualities are of course a bonus, including teaching abilities, artistic sense, and computer programming experience. However all training will be provided by Amber and Dustin. In other words, even if you haven't taken all of our classes, or even some of our classes, you are encouraged to apply.


Starting immediately. Tenure depends on which internship: the business and teaching interns are required to commit to a year. The web intern is required to commit to 18 months. All 3 positions are volunteer-based.

We will be accepting applications until Friday October 22nd.


The application process will take place wherever you are. We invite you to visit this page to complete the application process. After the application deadline, we will contact you with information about how to meet with us in person.


With each internship comes a valuable opportunity to learn. For the business intern, he/she will learn how to use lightroom and photoshop, as well as advanced imaging and post-production techniques. For the teaching intern, as they always say, the teacher learns more than the learner. For us, teaching has advanced our photography skills more than just about anything else. Likewise, the teaching intern will see an exponential increase in skills. The web intern will learn how to build HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript websites, which is a valuable skill.

Additionally, each intern will see how a business is run and is free to ask any question about photography. Finally, interns will have free access to all classes offered by Fife Photography while operating as our intern.

I hope that covers it! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Dustin & Amber

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