Ray & Laura Pre-Wedding

These posts are long overdue! This was the neatest couple, and Dustin and I were so happy to be part of their special day. And they even booked with us when she came for her consultation and i was wearing piggy slippers-- oops! I don't think i'll have that problem again, now that we're not working out of our home. I haven't yet left the house in slippers... but who knows.

You can see the pictures of Laura and her mom getting their hair done here.

Isn't her mom adorable??

Oh, and the snacks in the dressing room were so good! (Someone must be pregnant! Oh wait, i always like chocolate.)

I'm in love with this case.

The church was just beautiful.

While i was busy with the ladies, Dustin got the men. I love his images. Here's just a few...

Next up: The Wedding!

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Buscando la Luz said...

You guys are amazing. I wanna be like you when I grow up.