Engagements in Norman!

So it should be obvious we are loving our new studio! We had a ton of fun with the Pepplers who will be getting married in about two months!

He is a white sox fan and she's a cubs fun. I had a LOT of fun with this one!

Note to photographers....ever wanted a vignette going across the horizontal horizons? I'm halfway there! All you have to do is put your shutter speed 1/3 stop faster than your fastest sync speed. Because the curtain is too fast, it blocks some of the light on the lower horizon. Pretty cool eh? (I actually discovered that technique accidentally recently :)

And of course we had to do some traditional shots. I LOVE the new studio!


Quilts And Pieces said...

I would say the soon to be Mrs Peppler has it right! Go Cubs! (From the future Mrs Peppler's mother!)

Holly said...

Fife's we love the pictures!! We can't wait to see the rest...we had such a blast taking those with you! Thank you so much! -The Soon to Be Pepplers