Holiday Photography Tip #1

So, your house looks gorgeous. You've spent hours putting up your Christmas decorations. Why not take pictures? You can remember what you did for years to come, or have a beautiful picture of that delicate ornament you love (because next year it's going to get broken by small hands playing too near the tree). 

Practice composing the photo, or give yourself an assignment. Capture the essence of Christmas for you, whether in your own house or community.

Here's a high-key image of a white tree with white ornament. 

Post a link in the comments of pictures--put them up on your own blog, or picassa, or even email them to us: info {at} fifephotography {dot} com and we'll post them here for you!

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Jessica said...

And please don't let the reflection of you with a camera be seen in the ornament. (I hate that.)