The secret revealed

Thank you all for your guesses. Amber and I were genuinely impressed. Let me first demonstrate how it was done, then tell who wins the sacred grove prints. As I said before, your camera cannot view multiple exposures at once. So how do we do it? We take multiple exposures. For this, I shot at: f/10 at 2 sec, f/10 at 3 sec, and f/10 at 1 sec. (FYI, this technique of taking multiple exposures is called bracketing). Then, I stacked the photos on top of one another in photoshop, then starting hiding various parts of each layer--hiding those parts which are too dark or too bright until then end product is one image with even lighting all the way through. Beauty eh?

And the winner is....well, we actually decided to give it to two people. Cole and Emelia Stapp were the closest, but Jerilyn Tobler & Spencer offered an impressive guess. They said it was done with a split density neutral filter, which is how they used to do this kind of thing before digital. So, congrats to our winners! To see the original posting, visit our old photography blog.

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Melissa said...

WOW! That is pretty awesome! I think it is great how you share your secrets! Thanks!