Sabbath Sunset over Utah Valley

We thought this picture would be a really cool advertisement of some sort. Now, your job, as the reader, is to come up with a cool one-liner for this photo! We look forward to your comments!

This next picture was fun. I was photographing the reflected sunset on this car when this girl came out to take a picture of the setting sun. I just missed it...so, a little embarrased, I knocked on her car window and said, "I have a strange request...do you mind taking a picture again?" She was thrilled to be the subject of my next shot, and I thought it added a little more interest to the picture. What do you think?


Aunt LoLo said...

"When's the last time you said 'woohoo'?"

Fife Photography said...

i LOVE it! We should start a business--we take the photos, you come up with the one-liners!