What's your hobby?

It took me a while to realize that while spending soooo much time on photos and the business of photos, that i didn't have anything i did for fun (besides eating anything sweet and watching movies... but i'm not sure those count as hobbies :P ). Over the years i lost my long list of "hobbies". So i decided to find a new one...


I am determined to get it. I checked out books and DVDs from the library (i'm sure i could check out you tube). It's been a fun experience just doing a row or two at night. It goes along with my experience with Simple Abundance and Artist's Way. I DEFINITELY need to do a post on that soon. In-stinkin-credible. :)

For now, enjoy what i did just for FUN! :)


Brooke Snow said...

Oh my friend! I so love that you are lovin those books and finding other ways to be creative. Isn't it amazing and freeing?!?!?! I miss you.

Tracy said...

Seriously? I'm totally jealous. Me and crocheting, we don't get along so well. This looks awesome.