Newborn Twins: Denver, CO

Meet these adorable babies... twins! And they couldn't look much different (besides those babies born black and white of course!). Baby girl was tiny tiny, and dark hair like her daddy, while her "little" twin brother is lighter-haired and identical to his mom's baby pictures! I happen to be the sister of daddy, so I'm also thrilled to finally have a niece!! She coos while she sleeps, non stop for minutes at a time. It's the most tender thing I think i've seen.

These babes were born on Christmas Night, and spent a long time in the NICU before being allowed to come home with oxygen tanks. Imagine a newborn (for all you moms) times that by two, and put long cords that are always attached for EVERYthing you do around the house, and even when you leave your front door. These were done when they were... 8 weeks old? But they were just not ready to come home much earlier! We'll take what we can get.

Luckily, the doc gave us permission to take the oxygen off for their session. :) It meant easier time moving them around, and less distractions in the pictures. The white outfits are for their baby blessings. Enjoy, friends!

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