Heaven's Newest Angel

I share this post and this image with permission of baby j's parents.

After a flurry of texts, I was praying the entire way as I rushed to the hospital. I have never done this before. Would i do her justice? Would she be developed enough for pictures? I have thought about doing this for years, but never felt it was time.

I was calm and collected as i came in to the hospital. As much as i prepared myself for it, I was stunned at how small and delicate her tiny body was. I was so grateful i had one of my student's macro lens in my bag from the wedding the night before. Her beautiful hands were just absolutely perfect, and i felt so blessed it all came together so i could do this for this family.

I would have loved to share so many images... she was just that beautiful. Utterly perfect.

It wasn't until after i finished that i saw the mom, a friend of mine. We hugged and cried together. There is nothing i can do or say. But my hands can help her remember the moments she had with her sweet baby.

Please don't forget what a blessing it is to take a deep breath in.
...to hear your child cry.
...to have your family member call you AGAIN to ask/remind you something.
...to feel the wind on your face and see the clouds in the blue sky.
...to hug those you love.

Learn to love your life. And love those around you. Life is too short.

baby j was too perfect... God needed her back. I pray for her family, and every other family facing the death of a loved one. And for all of us to embrace what we do have.

Hugs, my friends.


HollySteffen said...

beautiful job amber.

Misty said...

I am glad that there are people like you out there to do jobs like this. I know families will be glad to have these images in the future.