Photo Critique

I am so proud of all our students. I am thrilled to see the growth in all of them. Here's one i chose to focus on this week, by Blake Shropshire.

First of all, i love the tender expression/moment that the bricks lead my eye into. Color has an advantage in this photo, the bright yellow flower pop and the cheery pink shirt. The lighting is nice falling on her face, and i love her hair folding back behind her. And i love the texture of the bricks.... i'm a sucker for texture!! :)

I would suggest moving slightly to the right and letting the bricks take up the left 2/3 of the shot, so there wouldn't be as much distracting elements in the background. Or get on a step ladder and shooting down, letting it go from brick to the gray fence? Just a thought. I don't mind the pop of green, but the pole and house (?) behind bring this photo out of a timless moment and onto the side of the house.

Great work, Blake! Can't wait to see more. :)

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