Photo Basics 1 Photo Critique

For those of you who have watched our student photo critiques in times past, you'll notice something different about this post. This is not a video. :)

In the past 2 weeks, I've photographed 4 babies and been in Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona, and all the while my dear husband has held down the fort with both boys. Somehow i came home to a clean house with all the dishes done. Man, he's amazing. It's good to be home.

First of all THANK YOU!! I was so proud of you all seeing how many of you uploaded pictures. That makes this momma proud. :)

I wanted to get our photo critique up before class tomorrow night... This photo was taken by Natalie Greenroyd. I love that she took our assignment, and told a story with still objects. Both versions are entertaining. And it's fun that she included 3 objects instead of 2, telling the hear/see/speak no evil story.

Great depth of field, Natalie. Nice family of colors... the monkeys work with the countertop. The background has some elements that distract a bit, but they're not as noticeable as when you get to the second picture...

Where you see the outlet cover on the left, something on the right...
This is a good skill to work on-- choosing what you'll leave in the frame, and what you select to leave out. Always crop in your camera, not later on. When you leave out those elements, suddenly, the context (countertop) is taken out, and all your left with are the objects and the story they are telling. Both these images could be just slightly brighter. But you're in the right ballpark.

I like the second image kinda feels like a hide and seek game too. :)

Great work, Natalie, and great work everyone else too! Can't wait to see you all in class.

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