Christmas Giveaway: CD Album

From Me to You: the Gift of Music.

I wish i could give each of you a gift for Christmas-- I physically can't possibly do that. Especially if you live FAR away. :) Luckily, i have a dear friend with a talent that i can share with you, and 6 of you will end up very happy.

Let me introduce you to a dear friend of mine, April Meservy. Her premiere album has come out, and she has gifted me an extra CD to share. And i have chosen you, my friends.

Beautiful Album Cover.
Not shot by me, but I have been lucky enough
to photograph April twice, and it was such a pleasure.
Ironically, ALL those images are eluding me tonight.
But i am determined to get this interview up!!

Here's the 411:

Go check her out.
Her website: www.aprilmeservy.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AprilMeservy
Go see her on tour in January: WA, ID, UT, AZ, TX.

Go listen to her album on the player, and tell me which song you like most! (Comment on our BLOG, even if you're reading this on facebook. Giveaways on fb are a no-no.)
Feel free to say whatever cool thoughts you have to say about this awesome woman.

One lucky winner will receive her full album in the mail from us here at Fife Photography, and 10 other lucky winners will receive a code for immediate download of a song: 5 for "Truth Speak" and 5 for "Will She?" And you have the lovely April to thank for this. She is just amazing.

Winners announced December 24th Christmas Eve!! :)

Want some more happy time while you listen? Scroll down and read our interview. She is the most pure of heart and tender friend.

DID take this one. Isn't she beautiful??

Fife Photography: You have done some amazing things for so many people-- Tell us about some of the benefits you have been involved in.

April: I like being involved in benefit concerts because you can make a difference for someone or something. As a musician, I am often scraping just to get by so I can’t always make as much of a financial donation to causes I believe in as I would like. But I do have a passion for music and that is something I can give – my voice and heart. A few of the benefits I have particularly enjoyed doing have been for United Survivors of Epidermylosis Bullosa, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Haiti Relief (w/Red Cross), the Perpetual Education Fund, Operation Smile, and causes like that.

I love the impact music can have in my life. How does music make your life better?

April: Gosh, that’s a hard one to answer. Music makes my life better in so many ways. I think that depending on what I’m in the mood for listening to certain songs can do different things for me. Sometimes music can help me meditate or bring things to mind that I really need to think about. Other times it has the ability to get me pumped up for something or makes me feel like dancing. Particular songs have helped me to grieve and other ones have helped me laugh. I love to collect good music of all kinds and from all over the world because it expresses different things for me. Music is incredible.

When did you first discover your love of music?

We know you have a beautiful voice--- do you write any of the music yourself?

April: When I was young I spent hour after hour in my room singing along with songs that for one reason or another really spoke to me. Music moved me so deeply – it had such power in my life. That’s when I developed a passion for singing and music. The desire to write came a little later as I realized that I had been so deeply impacted by particular songs that I almost felt as if I had written them. They felt so personal to me – they said things that I wouldn’t have known how to express. It amazed me that someone could voice what I couldn’t…and so well. I thought – if I feel so deeply connected to this song - then how would it feel to be the one who wrote and sang it? The idea just blew me away. I really wanted to be able to do that.

Where do you get your inspiration?

April: Well, kind of from everywhere - moments of happiness, sadness, adventure, from people around me, and from seeing life in new ways from one year to the next. So much can happen in 24 hours – from one sunset to the next. We transform over time. A lot of the inspiration that came for these songs grew simply out of what I experienced- as well as out of the experiences of others whose lives have deeply touched mine. I have met such wonderful and courageous people and I’m grateful for that, because they teach me.

We, your adoring fans, have been excited for a long time for this album to come-- what do you want to share about this journey; what have you learned in the process?

April: Well, I had a few goals for this album. One was to give the songs that seemed to come a moment...a space that seemed natural, intuitive, and true to the way I heard and felt them. I wanted the music to speak with honesty and clarity. And another goal was to create a national-sounding album on the budget of an indie record with the goal in mind of making and recording music of the same quality you'd expect to hear coming from a major record label. I wanted the songs to have soul and feeling and yet not be held back or inhibited by hasty or sloppy recording.

The process of trying to achieve that was amazing. Amazingly challenging and amazingly rewarding. My associate producer, Brent Jenkins, really helped me stick to my goals. I really learned the importance of holding on to the original vision and inspiration I had for this album in the midst of many challenges. I consider that a great blessing. I just kept coming back again and again to this feeling that I needed to follow what my heart was telling me…and that everything would work out. I also learned how anxious God is to help us in what we are trying to do. He is the most amazing collaborator ever.

Tell us something that you're grateful for, and anything else you would like us to hear. :)

April: I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has been so supportive of my music and who has encouraged me in the process of making this album. I really love being a singer/song-writer but at times it has been kind of scary to put so much of my heart and experience out there. So it has meant a lot for me to hear that people are connecting with it. I’m thankful God has given me songs to sing, air to breathe, and unfailing support throughout the journey.

So for repetition's sake.... one more time, here's the 411:

Go check her out.
Her website: www.aprilmeservy.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AprilMeservy
Go see her on tour in January: WA, ID, UT, AZ, TX.

Go listen to her album on the player, and tell me which song you like most! (Comment on our BLOG, even if you're reading this on facebook. Giveaways on fb are a no-no.)
Feel free to say whatever cool thoughts you have to say about this awesome woman.


Buscando la Luz said...

Wow. She has such a crisp, beautiful voice. I really like the first song on the player, "Truth Speaks." Merry Christmas!

Anne said...

Wow! She reminds me a lot of one of my favorite artists - Plumb. I'm really having issues choosing a favorite song. "Will She?" is really fun while the clips of "Marks of My Path" and "All That I Can Be" make me want to hear the rest of the lyrics. I think for my official choice for this post will be "Truth Speak".

I was trying to figure out why her named sounded familiar and it dawned on me that I think she helped Dustin with a song when he proposed or something. Was it the Mother's Day video post? I could just look it up, eh?

In any case, Merry Christmas! I will be sure to pass April's website on to my "let's compare cool new artists" friend.

DM said...

Very nice! Pretty voice.

~Jordan and Samantha said...

your music makes me happy. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

I can't get the player to play. :-( My connection is really slow today. BUT...I'm sure the music is beautiful, and the names of the songs make me want to hear more!

Sarah said...

Admittedly, I was shocked when I heard April's recorded voice. I NEVER knew! What beauty.
Thank you for sharing!
Love you!

Brooke Snow said...

Hooray! I always love to discover new musical talent! April is not only beautiful, her voice is wonderful! From one musician to another, .... well done indeed!

Daniel said...

I've always loved aprils voice! She's amazing!