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I am amazed by all these women i see in the photography world. Some are fashion queens, some are modern and chic. But me? I prefer black pants and plain modbe shirt. My style is simple. I don't spend hours pouring over fashion magazines... i think sometimes the styles look pretty silly (*can i say that??*), though there are things here and there that catch my eye.

I was a photographer long before i was even thinking about motherhood. But now with my 2 kiddos, i am thrust into a new season of photography: being a photographer mommy. Balance is always escaping us mommy photographers. There are dishes to wash, food to serve, houses to pick up, and quality time to give. Someday i'll look back on these years and write a book about all my wisdom i've gained.

But in the meantime, amidst the phone calls, and the studio renovations, photo editing, shoots, interviews and emails, i can't feel peace if i haven't given that extra hug to my toddler for coloring so well, and laid on the carpet with my baby high above me giggling. If i don't make time for my little ones, the life-blood of my happiness of photography runs thin.

i promised myself i would try to take some photos of myself playing with my boys. So here i am in all my glory, un-showered and over-tired. 1 wedding album finished with 3 to go, 3 shoots to edit, 8 hours of intern interviewing down with 3 to go, and i have rewashed the last load of laundry twice.

But such is life, and here I am.

This is my absolute fav shot of the day.

I was feeling adventuresome, so i tried for both boys. Does hair count?

Attempt number 2. By this point baby had enough, and i wasn't going to risk $5k of camera to a wiggly one year old.

I want to point out that i took these TODAY and i am posting them TODAY! (i have 8 minutes until midnight) I just finished a family session edit, and wanted to reward myself.

Photos have less calories than ice cream.

Though that sounds tempting too... :P

p.s. photographers: how do you take self portraits with your big dslr's?? I know you can do them-- i've seen you! I guess i just need to work out a little more to hold that lens out there, lol.

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