Laboring on Labor day... one year ago.

This has been the busiest time in our business, and my kids seem to have taken the back-burner. So when Dustin suggested we go take pictures of our boys in our new office, i jumped on it! Perfect timing for some one-year shots of our baby!

This little man has been a joy to our lives, especially Dustin. Ethan adores Daddy and i now know what Dustin feels when Corban prefers me! But at his sickest and saddest moments, mommy is just the thing baby needs. It's been a wonderful year. I can hardly believe how time has flown, my little blue-eyed bundle. Thank you for being so joyful and happy. So sad for you to be sick for your birthday, but happy you seem to be getting better.

Here's my favorite from his newborn session, 5 days old. It's my desktop picture. :)

And here he is a year later. I want to say we get MAJOR brownie points for actually getting it done BEFOREhand and not waiting until a month or longer afterwards. :)

I have many more pictures to share, but i wanted to remember today here on the blog before it's gone.

After all is over, my husband and two boys are most important to me and bring the most lasting smiles to my face. I get most joy in the shots i take of them. And that's saying a lot, because i find a great deal of joy in every wedding i shoot. There is so much joy to remember through images.

I have the greatest blessing in the world: to be a photographer.

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