Amy + Chris: Married

After a fun engagement session and bridal session with these guys, i couldn't wait to capture their wedding day.

Two of the coordinators at the venue separately both commented how in love Amy and Chris were with each other on their wedding day. I loved the way he looked at Amy, just dazzled by her, even when she was across the room. He stole looks at her when someone was talking to him, and the light spilling in from the large windows just made her glow even more. She was perfect. Just perfect.

As they began their first dance, I could see their love in the way he held her and she leaned in to him. And then they would quietly sing phrases to each other! Later on in the reception, he spontaneously picked her off her feet, and spun her, with her dress trailing in a large swoosh behind. They are in love and happy. And i was blessed to be there to witness it.

I decided to post LOADS of pictures, just because i wanted to. :) It was at Cole's Garden in Oklahoma City. Beautiful venue. Dustin shot there last year, but this was my first time. Getting married on a hot sunny afternoon in the middle of August may not sound like the ideal for all, but this couple handled the heat and sweat marvelously.

Isn't this adorable? Bottom of the bride's shoes... :)

And her dress was aMAZing. I loved the bead-work and embroidery.

She got cool socks for they guys to wear-- they had their wedding names on all of them...

Their first look was precious... i'll post more from this soon in its own post-- not everyone has heard about the beauty of having a first look!

Sand ceremony has become super popular. What a beautiful creation showing the entwining of your new life together.

Hard to believe in 20ish years from now, my sons getting married?? I don't think i'll be shooting the wedding. Who knows if i'll be crying... i get teared up watching them be cute together, let alone starting life with a new wife!!! But you bet i'll be out there on the dance floor with my last dance with my boys.

Cute diamonds as part of the centerpieces were so fun. And big play diamond rings. :)

I think this father/daughter dance is in competition with one of my favorites of all time. They were so sweet.

And this bride can DANCE!! :)

I don't often get on the other side of the camera, but my assistant took one of me and Amy. Thanks, Stephanie!

Glad you two had so much fun on your honeymoon!! I'm soooo jealous of the swimming with dolphins and all the fun things you got to do. Well, not the swimming with the sharks part. :)

If you looked at all these pictures, and still want more, you can view their wedding video here. Enjoy!


tlqueen said...

Beautiful - setting, colors, people - and a fabulous job of capturing it all!

Tracy said...

Love the picture of the groom with the bridesmaids! Fabulous colors throughout!