We're Writers!

Not only did we get the spotlight to be featured photographers on their site, but Fuel Your Photography has invited us to be monthly columnists! Pretty sweet. Check out this month's article about Graduation... things i learned the hard way.

We have some flexibility about choosing our future articles. What do you want to know? What are you most curious about? We want you, our coolest friends, to find these articles interesting, so tell us what you want to hear.


Stephers said...

GREAT article! I found that very interesting. For a future article you could talk about working with kids- how to pose little babies or make toddlers smile. I would be interested in that!

Brian said...

Dustin/Amber (or is it Amber/Dustin?) ....

Great article !!! Seriously, was not only informative, but highly entertaining. Please dont take that praise lightly because 90% of the blogosphere is total crap IMHO. You guys should seriously consider writing one of those DYI learn photography books.

Alex, I'll take Norman Photography for $500

Brian B, your question: This studio best describes "awesomeness"

Alex, What is Fife Photography