Tuesday Critique Week 1

Hey world! Have you missed us? Been keeping busy and totally slacking on the blog front. But we have good news: today is our first installment of Tuesday Critiques!

With so many students taking our classes, we want to devote one day a week to them on our blog. So Dustin will be choosing one image a week to highlight and discuss here on the blog.

Apologies: 1. this is new software, and 2. it's 1:30 am. After the upload process we saw it is terrible resolution, depending on where you're viewing it. Not sure what went wrong. We'll work out bugs for next week. Not going to record it again at this point. So please, as you're watching, pull up another window with the actual picture here so you can see it in all it's beauty.

Congrats, Jamie for being chosen for this week's critique! Keep up the good work.

1 comment:

J-me said...

Thanks for the critique. I learned so much in the photo basics class.