Not only did I get the chance to travel across the country to enjoy being with family in February, but I got to shoot the wedding as well! I love having great photos of family I adore. And I love the photos I take, to be honest. They make me happy. I'll be sharing a number of images from this amazing 3-day photo excursion, but here's just some from the wedding breakfast.

My adorable mom helping me with the kiddos while I shoot (Dustin stayed behind in Oklahoma).

This kid makes me happy.

Father of the groom, my uncle.

Beautiful aunt who's an amazing doctor. They live in Ohio in an adorable home.

That would be my cousin Ben in the background. He loves to make random faces.

Mother of the groom, my aunt. She travels the nation for all of our big events; it was so nice to be here for hers.

Check out that groom gazing out the window, looking lovestruck.

And I had to share one more of my little blue eyes. He's so precious.

I am so lucky to have amazing family, and that we all got to spend a little time together at this wonderful wedding. More pictures to come...

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