Hexter Family Session

I never posted these images! The day before this big wedding, this cute family got together for a present the bride got for her mom for Christmas: a Fife Photography Family Session! These folks came from around the world, literally, and had smiles on their faces, despite jet lag and no naps!

I chatted briefly with the brother on the left in Chinese at the wedding-- he lived for a long time in Taiwan, and currently lives in... China? Man, i have already forgotten! His Chinese is really good.

Check out this adorable face. I wish my almost-3-year-old was as well behaved after plane rides!

Oh, and these lashes?? Beautiful.

These brothers love their baby sister!

This couple was such a pleasure-- such a fun time with them. They made us feel a part of their family at the wedding!

Thank you again, friends for an amazing weekend!

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Tiffiny said...

Amber you are an amazing photographer!!