Are you living your life in Automatic?

Whether or not you're a photog, this article will give you some great introspection. I LOVE it. I love how Lindsey relates of depth of field to accomplishing goals in real life.

Too often i get distracted by so many things--

but if i have a shallower depth of field and zoom in, those things blur into the background and i can concentrate on the task at hand.

Then once i have accomplished that task, i can put everything into focus again to get the big picture.

Genius analogy. Thanks, Lindsey!

Check it out. Go. Do it.


Brooke said...

Lindsey is a great writer! I needed the analogy as well! I shoot my life in auto too muuch and need to get more manual with my daily tasks! Love the pics of your cute kids!

Lindsey said...

Seriously, thanks for liking me. :) Your photo's expound on it perfectly--and are good reminders. Sometimes when I get great epiphanies I end up being the one who needs it the most that week! (month...year...) :)