Inspirational Words for Photogs (and everyone else)

My friend Jeremy just posted a link to this video on facebook, and i like it so much i want to share it here too! It's 20 minutes long, and definitely worth it.

I'll just share one experience this former national geographic photographer shared:

On an assignment near the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia, he was near a field of dandelions, and the light wasn’t right to shoot it… so he kept putting it off. When he finally did come back, he was shocked to see that they had all turned to seed. There were no more pretty yellow flowers. Instead of go home or give up at failure of his assignment, he encouraged himself to see what was right, what he could celebrate about it still. He ended up focusing on the puff balls of seeds, and shooting them. He got down with the puffballs, and ended up getting an exquisite shot from underneath a puffball, with the sun directly behind. Pretty stunning.

I liked that story because even with all the experience over the years, i am still occasionally thrown into a situations that aren't what i'd like them to be. Rather than give up, i can usually still find beauty of some sort to be captured.

So check out the video here, and share your own insights with us if you want!

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