Reach the Children Benefit: Thiels

This family is dear to us: their little lady has spent multiple days a week for the last year seeing our little man. It has been our privilege to swap babysitting with these guys. We love them a lot, and are so happy to get to capture their family portraits.

They were one of the many that participated in our Reach the Children Charity Benefit this past month. We are grateful for them and everyone else who donated and made such a difference. Thank you again!

Oh, and i realized just earlier today that we posted their family pictures last year too! Check them out to see how their pretty girl has grown!


This lady is just gorgeous. I love her smiles and friendship. She's also my couponing buddy.

I want a picture of my family like this!

This girl get so excited about so many things.

By this point, i was no longer exciting stuff to little Kate. Can we try for one last set?

Yes! She did great!

And i thought i was done... but there's always a few more to get at the end. Don't want to miss those precious moments.

Yummy sunset light.

Ahhh... these pictures make me happy.

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