Reach the Children Benefit: Ambre & fam

This awesome woman shares my name, though she spells it cooler than me: Ambre. Isn't that awesome? I wish i was special like that. She has taken a bunch of our classes, and is great with kids. She assisted me on this shoot. Yeah, she's cool.

This family had fun with Dustin for their session, one of the many that have participated in our Charity Benefit. They have a fireball son who's adorable. Tonight at their appointment to view their pictures, he had a digital point and shoot he was playing with, and was just adorable. I can't wait until my son can talk like him!

I hear Dustin was having fun racing around with this little guy in between pictures. Who needs to exercise when you're photographing little kids?

Check out that belt buckle. Cool stuff.

Pullin out all the stops: Dad's iphone.

How old are you? 3!!

Thanks for a great session, Ambre, and thank you for being part of our Charity Benefit!!

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