Merry Christmas, winners!

We have two winners!! I had SUCH a fun time reading all of your Christmas memories. Thanks for all your stories. It has been a wonderful Christmas, and i am so happy you have shared yours with us. Here are our results from random.org:

Okay, first comes the itunes giftcard..... drumroll please.
Winner is.... Jessy Erickson!
Here is jessy's story from the comment before.
How fun is that? What a neat grandmother. Too bad it wasn't for the session... we'll have to come up with another excuse to get together someday. :)

And for the big prize.... Portrait Session ($175)

Winner is ...Lisa!
What a fun surprise to have grandparents under the tree! I thought about doing that for my parents this year, but i realized my mom loves the anticipation just as much as the gift. Hopefully this crazy storm doesn't keep us away!

Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway. We hope this holiday finds you safe and warm and dry.

Sending you love from all of us in the Fife clan. Merry Christmas!!


Lisa said...

Thank you Dustin and Amber so much! We look very forward to the photo shoot! Would make a great gift for John while he is over there to have some new pictures of us all together. Hard to get photos of yourself when you are always the one behind the camera ;)

HollySteffen said...

=] congrats winners!