Best gift for their Christmas

I think this is our smallest subject yet, in all my shooting days. He was born at 33 weeks, and here he is, 4 weeks later when he should have still had 3 weeks to go before being born! He sure is tiny. We kept the heat up to make sure he was comfortable, so we all ended up getting pretty sweaty. ;) We were his first visit, besides his numerous trips to the NICU, and we did our best with hand sanitizer to keep him completely healthy!

It was an amazing session, thanks to some beautiful props brought by his mom Angie. I'll post the link to the etsy shop if i get ahold of it!

Thank you both for trusting us with your little man's newborn portrait session! We had a lot of fun.

I died when i saw this hat. SO adorable. And here's another shot that made it to the cover of their dvd, in case you missed it. This hat never would have fit on either of my newborns-- soooo small.

And this is just yummy.

Caught a grin.

These two were the cutest new parents I've ever seen. They were lovey-dovey with each other through the whole session. It made me smile. :)

This couple is super super nice, and Dustin and I hit it off with them right away. We don't often get to shoot together anymore, and it was fun to tag-team this awesome session.

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HollySteffen said...

love allll the photos. they are so great and he is SO tiny. my babies were never that small.