Senior Portraits: The Why.

We had this adorable High School Senior come to model for our basics II class last night, and Dustin caught a couple shots of her. Claudia is so natural in front of the camera, even in crazy weather conditions! Poor girl, it got super cold, so Dustin gave her his jacket to wear while the students practiced shooting.

Ever want to model for our classes? It's super easy. Dustin tells you where to stand, and you do it. Simple as that. No photography experience needed. Do you need to be an experienced model? Of course not.

It's pretty simple, and you get a few fun shots of yourself out of it.

I REALLY hope we get to do her official Senior Portraits, because i know i want to see more pictures of her on this blog.

Speaking of Senior Portraits, I'm surprised that many people we talk here in Oklahoma with have never heard of doing Senior Portraits other than the school yearbook!

This is a time in your life, closing of a chapter, opening of another. A Senior Portrait session gives you the opportunity to have a block of time dedicated to YOU, to record images reflecting your personality. You can do them in studio, or out on the town, in a back grungy alley, or flowing wheat field. The more creative, the better. You can bring out your funky outfits, and crazy accessories. You can play your violin or bring your ballet shoes. Football jerseys or cowboy boots.

So here's a few reasons why we think Senior Portraits are so important:

1. Your talents and interests will change in time. You need to record who you are right now. And i'm not talking about cell phone camera pictures (But those are fun too).

2. We'll have a lot more time than the 3 minutes you get for the yearbook photographer, and it will be much more relaxed. That's when the real smiles and great images are created.

3. You are BEAUTIFUL! (or handsome.) And you are FUN. We want you to see that as others around you can. There are ways to draw out your best features, and help you love the images we create. A variety of images/clothing/locations can show off your different looks best.

4. Art for your home. I can't stress this enough. Having a beautiful wall portrait, or a series of images on the wall of your home for your parents to always reflect on is priceless. My mom still has a photo of me hanging on her wall that i truly love-- it's of me leaning against a tree, with a river in the background. My hair is perfect, my shirt hanging just right... i feel beautiful every time i look at that.

After 2 kids, I'm not as tiny now as i was as a high school senior, but i am a more mature version of me. I love my senior photos. It was an investment my parents made that means a lot to me. It's neat to have that moment frozen in time. Looking at them brings back memories of the high school musicals, choirs, track meets, and everything else that made my high school experience memorable.

Anyways, enough yakking from me. Here's one more picture before i sign off to bed! Isn't she precious?

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