Edible Wedding Ring?

LOVE this picture.....so much SASS in only three ladies.

So when the preacher asked the best man to give the groom the bride's wedding ring, he pulled out a ringpop....so of course we had to get a picture after the wedding.

This guy REALLY wanted to do a James Bond pic. I happily obliged!

This was the bride's cousin....she's been taking Flamenco lessons for the last several years....AWESOME performance. So much fun to photograph.

I love it when you look at a potential location and vividly the shot that you want pops into your mind. The first words that came to my mind when I envisioned this photo was "Lady and the Tramp." I thought it was quite successful, don't you think? All that was missing was a bowl of spaghetti and a mandolin. Special thanks to Matt Martin for standing on a dangerous ledge with a heavy light stand in order to give me the effect I wanted.


Garrett said...

Fantastic photos, guys! Your off-camera and reflected flash work at the reception looks awesome! A great use of light. Keep it up!!

Brooke said...

Your lighting is awesome! Way to go!

Fife Photography said...


@Garrett---thanks!--but we didn't reflect anything. That's the beauty of a shoot-through!