Time draws near to baby #2...

What's better than being a photographer? Being married to a photographer. And he makes me look GOOD. I would like to note that i did NOTHING to touch up my face in these photos. I have my fair share of blemishes for this pregnancy, but the way he did the lighting (and i suppose a little makeup helps) made me look great. So just to prove to myself that i am beautiful without photoshop i posted these without any editing. Can you say good job Dustin??

We love our new studio lights and new backdrop stand and new backdrop and new studio. We're having lots of fun, and enjoying our clients! If you know anyone in Oklahoma (or want to come for a road trip) send them our way to check out our new office!


Jessie said...

You look beautiful! You definitely have that fabulous pregnancy glow.

britney said...

You are a beautiful pregnant lady..
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