Summer Bliss 07.11.2009

This was a fun fun day. This gorgeous bride was the most helpful, cheerful, calm bride I have ever worked with. She spent most of the time asking everyone what she could do for them!! She looked gorgeous in her dress, and somehow never seemed to break a sweat the ENTIRE hot day. Superwoman, i swear.

Check out this glowy look-- I didn't even realize i still had the star filter on!

I had Matt second shooting with me for until the end of the ceremony. He did a great job. I love when clients book 2 photographers, so we can be in multiple places at once. :)

Isn't this a good looking group? I love the royal blue.

And cute little fans for all the wedding attendees!

Great capture by Matt...
The Union building on OU campus is beautiful! Great food, and great fun. Dustin came, having finished his wedding from up in Edmond, and I got to assist him (and relax) for the rest of the night. But i can't NOT take pictures, especially with a super cool room and fisheye lens.
Love the lighting on the walls here... gives me an idea for our new office...

These guest treats were super yummy. I convinced Dustin to give me his. Score. It was a coated cake/chocolate something. A-mazing.
Check out this rainbow ray with the flash using the star filter. Cool! All of these are Dustin's.
What are the chances of taking a picture at the exact time someone's flash goes off? Have you done that before?
Notice something missing from this bouquet toss? Yep, the bouquet! Strong-armed bride threw it all the way up into one of those lanterns. 3-pointer! (Note: Dustin's the flash guru, doing all kinds of cool stuff. Love those pocket wizards.)
So let's try this again, from a little lower down this time. Perfect.
Thanks for so much fun! We all had a blast.


Aria Eden said...

Amber! These are gorgeous! I love your work!

Mindy Jo said...

Fife Photography rocks! You see things no one else does and capture it beautifully! I'm sure they were so very pleased. What a beautiful bride!

Kara said...

The picture look awesome! I love the last one with the bride throwing the flowers again. How funny that she got it in a lantern.

The Fifes said...

thanks for the great comments guys! I love blog love. :)