i heart dustin

So we've had the chance to shoot a number of weddings together so far this wedding season, and we decided it's our favorite. Not only do we get to be creative, but we get to hang out together sans kid and have fun! I highly suggest couples have some common interest they can enjoy together like this. We've had a number of couples take our photography classes, and it's great to see them working together. This was my last wedding to shoot before the next bambino arrives, but Dustin has more. So glad this isn't a solo effort!

So these fun photo booth pics are the product of a super smart and ingenious groom who programmed and built the whole booth himself. A.mazing. Seriously. And the photos that came out were beautiful. Makes me want to buy a uber expensive printer. Okay, maybe later. We've invested a LOT lately, but that's for another post.

We have tons of weddings to post, but this is all for now. Enjoy our lovey-dovey-ness! ;)


Tavia said...

Super cute!

Buscando la Luz said...

Wow! He built that thing? Those shots are priceless! Love you guys!