And now a time for photoshop... :)

I still firmly believe in shooting things right the first time.....but there's still a lot of fun to be had in photoshop :) Thanks to Amanda....an awesome model and soon-to-be graduate! Thanks for being willing to try out all my crazy ideas. They worked!

Gotta love panos:)

And special thanks to the people of school house cycles for letting us use their made-for-photography wall.
Believe it or not, this last shot was done indoors....the one chance we get to be shielded from the wind, we created it instead. Thanks to Matt my assistant for operating the loud leaf blower.

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starr09 said...

Hi, this is Amanda. I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing photo shoot. The pics are truly to die for.
I'm surely going to recommend you to anyone that needs portraits.