Web Design

So Dustin's creating a new site for our partner vendor Ivory Gardens, and he asked me to use my illustrator skills to create buttons for their nav bar (Their site should be live around Monday). I haven't done anything with the program for 6 months, so i was a little rusty. But check out what i created!!  It's going to be sweet-- each button will enlarge like the doc on a mac. Sweet skills, my husband has.

So if anyone in Utah that wants to take an Illustrator class from an amazing teacher: Alma. Her Husband teaches photoshop. Check out their blog here.

p.s. photo bucket's acting up, so these aren't "big" photos as usual. But feel free to click on them to enlarge.

Sooo... What do you think? Do you like them?


Kara Laws said...

I think that they look great! Do you know if Alma does classes online?

Fife Photography said...

not yet, but i'm sure someday she could. She gives great reference notes from class. Ask her about it!